Thursday, September 23, 2010

Starting a new blog.

I've noted that over the summer my grammar has become quite lacking. Seeing as how I've enrolled in an English class this quarter with a teacher who quite literally told me the first day that he values grammar and mechanics over content, I'd say working on improvement would be a fantastic idea. Someone on 4chan started a "Post your blogspots!" thread and you could get people to check yours out, so I decided to make my own for reasons as of yet unknown.

May as well start by going over the events of my day: I got off of school quite early at 11:48 am, was in a minor car accident at 12:25 pm, actually got home at 1:15 pm, had left-overs for lunch at 1:30 pm, didn't call the girl whose number I got on Monday at never pm, and started writing this blog after browsing /new/ and thinking it was /v/ for 2 hours. Yeah that about covers it. Stay tuned for any sweet deals or game/movie reviews I give. Here's the first one:

Repo-Men sucked.

As for who am I? I'm from an NES game called Metroid. You might not have heard of it, it's pretty obscure.

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