Friday, September 24, 2010

I found my childhood Playstation game collection!

Since Civilization 5 came out today and therefore all other games mean nothing to me for the next...several days I suppose, I figure it would be appropriate to post some of the games that made the most impact on me during my most impressionable years...

Unfortunately my phone is being dicks, so I'll just make a list of them till I can get a decent camera with pics of the game boxes/disks...

Legend of Legaia

Saga Frontier 2

Destruction Derby

Medal of Honor

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Grand Theft Auto (The original. Was playin this the morning before my first day in First Grade)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello People.

Started this blog since a bunch of people on ROBOT 9000 were exchanging links to their personal blogs and it really seemed fun. Glad to see a few added me on their follow list. I added pretty much everyone that posted so at the very least I'd know someone on this site. It'd be pretty nice to get a whole new social network going. Anyway I think 3 blog updates in one day is quite enough.

Here'some other fun stuff if you enjoyed that Shimeji download:   - It's a fucking good video game livestream that no one watches. No shitty elitist mods, just bros being bros.  - It's a sweet indie game. I love sweet indie games. Plays like Soldat but with full physics. PIXEL PHYSICS. It's incredibly fun. Have to buy it, but worth it. No multiplayer unless you like sharing keyboards though. - Pretty much the best browser based MMORPG ever. or MMORPG ever. Both are quite apt descriptions.    - And this would be my other, current MMORPG addiction. Plays like a cross between Monster Hunter (especially with the armor crafting system) and Demon's Souls, only online! Works with hubs/instances like Monster Hunter, and is quite fun, if a bit too limited at the moment. Content updates should make it a lot more enjoyable in the future. You want an invite to it? I got two left if you want em. Probably better off posting on the official forums if you want to be invited any time soon since I am pretty lazy.



So last night I was out braving the harsh streets of the internet and its forums, when I came across some people discussing little devious bastards called shimeji that seemed to basically be how cartoons interpret computer viruses except you can turn them off when you please. You know, on that one episode where the show's writers tried to be hip and edgy and with the times spliced with a bit of "wouldn't it be cool if going on the internet was like THIS?" So it's a little dude that crawls and moves around your screen breaking things and hiding windows and deleting your porn. At least that is what I read on said forum. So I downloaded it last night.

Until earlier today I had no fucking clue what shimeji was or means. I still don't. So I googled it and got this wikipedia article: . Yeah I totally get evil mischievous faux-computer virus from that. So I started it up and-why, what do we have here? Some kind of loli ice machine?

Oh god what are you doing get off the edge of my firefox windo-




The servers were shut down 2 weeks later. BAKA BAKA.

EDIT: Forgot to actually include a download link. I'm pretty certain this is freeware/not in violation of any IP law, as the file is small, has no visible crack/anti-drm applied to it, and is weird and from Japan.

Starting a new blog.

I've noted that over the summer my grammar has become quite lacking. Seeing as how I've enrolled in an English class this quarter with a teacher who quite literally told me the first day that he values grammar and mechanics over content, I'd say working on improvement would be a fantastic idea. Someone on 4chan started a "Post your blogspots!" thread and you could get people to check yours out, so I decided to make my own for reasons as of yet unknown.

May as well start by going over the events of my day: I got off of school quite early at 11:48 am, was in a minor car accident at 12:25 pm, actually got home at 1:15 pm, had left-overs for lunch at 1:30 pm, didn't call the girl whose number I got on Monday at never pm, and started writing this blog after browsing /new/ and thinking it was /v/ for 2 hours. Yeah that about covers it. Stay tuned for any sweet deals or game/movie reviews I give. Here's the first one:

Repo-Men sucked.

As for who am I? I'm from an NES game called Metroid. You might not have heard of it, it's pretty obscure.