Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello People.

Started this blog since a bunch of people on ROBOT 9000 were exchanging links to their personal blogs and it really seemed fun. Glad to see a few added me on their follow list. I added pretty much everyone that posted so at the very least I'd know someone on this site. It'd be pretty nice to get a whole new social network going. Anyway I think 3 blog updates in one day is quite enough.

Here'some other fun stuff if you enjoyed that Shimeji download:   - It's a fucking good video game livestream that no one watches. No shitty elitist mods, just bros being bros.  - It's a sweet indie game. I love sweet indie games. Plays like Soldat but with full physics. PIXEL PHYSICS. It's incredibly fun. Have to buy it, but worth it. No multiplayer unless you like sharing keyboards though. - Pretty much the best browser based MMORPG ever. or MMORPG ever. Both are quite apt descriptions.    - And this would be my other, current MMORPG addiction. Plays like a cross between Monster Hunter (especially with the armor crafting system) and Demon's Souls, only online! Works with hubs/instances like Monster Hunter, and is quite fun, if a bit too limited at the moment. Content updates should make it a lot more enjoyable in the future. You want an invite to it? I got two left if you want em. Probably better off posting on the official forums if you want to be invited any time soon since I am pretty lazy.



  1. isnt that desktop program a trojan?

  2. No, it just trolls you and is annoying yet funny. I've got like 2 anti virus programs going on in the toolbar if you look at that screen shot. You can turn it off any time you please by right clicking and choosing the bottom option. I linked it in the previous post if you want it :3

    Delicious Cirno and Miku...

  3. Mite give that Cortex Command a try as soon as i get to run my windows box.
    Did you ever try Machinarium by any chance?

  4. I never played Machinarium but I did watch a stream of it. Seemed pretty cool for a point n click adventure game, but I haven't played one of those since Grim Fandango...

    I'm not sure my heart is ready to move on... ; _ ;